Aluminum Profile, Aluminum Extrusion Manufacturer in China

EAST-CHINA Aluminum Technology Company Limited is a subsidiary of the HAIDA Group, and is an ISO9001 and ISO14001 certified manufacturer of aluminum extrusion and aluminum profile, located in China. Our primary products include solar panel frame, square and round aluminum tube extrusion, industrial aluminum profile, and curtain wall aluminum profile. Featuring strength, light weight, corrosion and fire resistance, and environmentally friendliness, HAIDA aluminum products are extensively used in photovoltaic modules, windows and doors, containers, vehicle components, radiators, oil pipelines, and various mechanical and electrical facilities.

  • Aluminum Heat Sink
  • Aluminum Heat Sink Our aluminum heat sink is used to absorb thermal energy or heat from another object through thermal compounds which are also known as thermally conductive materials. At a relatively high temperature, the heat is absorbed from the object and transferred to the heat sink which has a much larger heat capacity. Being a practical thermal energy solution for both low and high volumes, extruded aluminum ...
  • Industrial Aluminum Profile
  • Industrial Aluminum Profile Aluminum profiles are considered as important auxiliary materials with regard to hardware, machinery, electromechanical parts and solar PV products. We can produce in line with clients' own design with widths within 300mm. Both aluminum alloy 6063 and 6061 are available. You can also choose other alternatives as you like. HAIDA industrial aluminum profile is produced in compliance with the standard ...
  • Solar Panel Frame, Solar Panel Mounts
  • Solar Panel Frame, Solar Panel Mounts EAST-CHINA ALUMINUM is a leading manufacturer and supplier of aluminum solar panel frame for photovoltaic modules, based in China. Our company can produce 600,000 sets of aluminum solar frames every month which can meet the demand of 100MW photovoltaic modules. Our solar panel mounting accessories are widely popular among the clients from Japan, UK, India, Germany, Spain, etc.
  • Window Aluminum Profile
  • Window Aluminum Profile Ourcompany is a major manufacturer and supplier of window aluminum profile in China. Our products are designed with multi-channel structure, high strength, and a unique drainage system. Thus, the aluminum window is characterized by elegance, excellent water tightness and air tightness.
    HAIDA aluminum profile products are also widely used for assembly lines ...
  • Round Tube Aluminum Extrusion
  • Round Tube Aluminum Extrusion Our products are produced in strict compliance with international standard. As a result, our company has earned certification of ISO9001:2000 international quality system and ISO14001:2004 international environment management system. We can offer to you round tube aluminum extrusion of different thickness and length. Moreover, we can also customize in line with your samples and layouts.
  • Curtain Wall Aluminum Profile
  • Curtain Wall Aluminum Profile Curtain wall aluminum profile can be easily found on many new building in the downtown areas of cities. It is commonly used as exterior wall cladding for a wide range of commercial, industrial, institutional and residential buildings.
    HAIDA curtain wall aluminum profile can be made using either of the flowing materials ...

At EAST-CHINA, we use high-performance production and testing equipment and also implement strict quality control measures to ensure the quality of HAIDA aluminum extrusion and aluminium profile. We have 34 aluminum profile production lines, 6 anodizing and electrophoresis lines, 3 powder coating lines, 2 PVDF painting lines, and more. This enables us to complete all production steps in-house, from melting and casting, extrusion, and coating, to mold making. Our testing center is equipped with a spectrum analyzer from the U.K., an aluminum section measuring system from Israel's Cimatron Ltd., a weatherometer from America's Xenon, and more, and our specialized quality control personnel ensure that only qualified aluminum profile and aluminum extrusion are delivered to our customers

Our goal is to provide aluminum products at competitive prices. As a China based manufacturer, we have access to low cost land, materials and labor, and also water, land and air transportation, which helps reduce costs for us and our clients. Efficient production lines, skilled workers, and a standard production management system increase our production efficiency. These factors help us to pass savings on to our customers in the form of economical prices. As a result, our high quality, affordable aluminum profiles and aluminum extrusions are sought after by customers from Japan, Britain, Germany, Canada and Holland, among others.

At EAST-CHINA, we take pride in the complete customer service we provide our customers. Utilizing Customer Satisfaction Surveys, we make improvements to our aluminum profile and aluminum extrusion according to the feedback we receive. If you have any questions or comments, please contact us via any of the methods listed on the website. We are ready and waiting to serve you.